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The J. Morales Group offers effective, real-world advice to schools, businesses and  community benefit organizations seeking diversity & inclusion, organizational development, strategy, and marketing solutions.  No jargon, fads or proprietary gimmicks--just honest, cost-effective support from skilled  professionals eager to help you achieve your highest personal and organizational goals.

Diversity & Inclusion


Working with people to improve cross-cultural understanding, increase knowledge and celebrate our differences is a JMG specialty!  We provide guidance and training that can help your organization improve internal and external relationships.  We can also help you avoid internal cultural strife, embarrassing publicity and  costly litigation .

HR & Training


Putting people first is a winning formula in any organization.  From employee engagement and supervisor training to organizational development, human resources and planning, JMG advisors take a "people-focused" approach to help you and your team achieve goals by cultivating an organizational  culture where diversity, transparency and individual excellence can thrive.

K-12 & Higher Education


JMG Consultants tailor engaging workshops to meet your budget and specific professional needs. In addition, JMG consultants can serve as enrichment coaches for students engaged in various academic competitions.  We can also consult with faculty and administrators on almost any campus initiative.  Click below to read what other educators are saying about JMG on our testimonials page!


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